Design for AI has its own set of principles and a lot can be said about who or what should determine these rules. Some like to consider AI a design material while others talk about a human-centered AI design philosophy. There are also numerous discussions on the ethical aspect of harnessing AI technology and the role of designers in ensuring a safe human-AI collaboration. These are some broader topics that lend directly to my work as an AI designer.

In this article I will delve deeper into a very specific use-case of AI which is the AI-radiologist collaboration during breast…

We live in a world full of ideas that are waiting to interact with us—waiting to be part of our perceptual landscape. And as designers, we are handed the responsibility to create communication—to give life to an idea and to define how people interact with this idea. To design is to create and that is truly a gift. Then must we not choose to create conscientiously? Must we not choose wisely, our words as well as our fonts?

With the advent of technology we have created a second reality, albeit a virtual one. And so, however nebulous this idea of…

“All the ideas that go into a designer’s work can never be fully articulated or explained.”

1. The Difficult Art of Naming

Naming is hard. Names, after all, are perhaps the most indelible artifacts of the product creation process. It seems so devilishly simple — all you really need is a word or two in a language you’ve probably been using your entire life.

But like any art form, naming benefits from rich tools and processes. And so we tried the method of association. How does it work?

It often happens that a man cannot recall at the moment, but can search for what he wants and finds it . . . But he must seize hold of the starting point. …

Dipti Ganeriwala

Product Design Lead at Vara

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